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A Deportation Lawyer Los Angeles Families Rely On

If you or a family member is in need of the kind of deportation lawyer Los Angeles immigrants and their families often turn to, you’re very likely under a great deal of stress. Sadly, it’s also likely that the current atmosphere is only making things more difficult. Fortunately, Henry A. Posada is a respected legal expert who has helped countless individuals and families get over the legal hurdles that can prevent newcomers from being able to live openly as residents of the United States.

Of course, all immigration cases are different and some are more difficult than others. One issue that can seem insurmountable to many is a record that includes a criminal conviction. While there is reason for concern in these cases, there are remedies that can work in certain instances. Thanks to some recent changes in the California penal code, post-conviction relief is one complex legal pathway that has helped a number of Mr. Posada’s clients to be able to remain in the U.S. without having to go underground.

For those whose situation may be less tenuous, but who wish to make the final steps to full naturalization, the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada are also the place to find a top citizenship lawyer in Los Angeles. Becoming a fully-fledged U.S. citizen is not likely to get easier anytime soon, but Mr. Posada has decades of experience behind him helping his clients get to the happy day when they are able to become full participants in American life.

There are a number of ways that individuals can potentially obtain legal residence and, eventually, citizenship in the United States. Whether you are trying to help a relative move out of the shadows and live and work openly, or are seeking a business immigration lawyer in Los Angeles to explore the possibility of leveraging investments and employment for temporary visas or permanent resident status, we are here to help.

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