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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization


Legal services for immigrants are more important than ever for those who want to live and work openly in the United States. The Law Offices of Henry A. Posada assists and represents individuals in the following areas of immigration law:

Lawful Permanent Residence – Establishing lawful permanent residence, or a Green Card, including family or employment petitions, investor visas, and more.

Deportation and Removal – Forced removal from the United States is comprised of two phases. The first involves whether the person in question is eligible to be removed and the second phase determines if said person should be given relief. We explore every legal avenue to ensure that relief is given when possible.

Naturalization and Citizenship – The final step of an immigrant to enjoying the full status of an American citizen with all of the rights that entails is often challenging, but highly achievable.

Business Immigration – Establishing lawful permanent residence for business purposes is a frequent pathway to legal immigration, and generally takes two forms: permanent residence for investors/entrepreneurs, or employment-based petitions. Alternatively, temporary visas may also be granted (see next).

Temporary Visas – Temporary visas permit an individual to lawfully reside in the United States for a predetermined amount of time and can be issued for several reasons, including business, educational, and sports-related purposes.

Special Immigration Benefits – There are many situations that can lead to special immigration benefits, but two of the more common reasons are U Nonimmigrant Status and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Both require some level of trauma in either the United States or the individual’s country of origin.

Federal Court Practice – Our firm is highly experienced in dealing with the aforementioned areas of immigration law in federal courts.