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Work Permit California

Work Permit CaliforniaNon-citizens must be authorized to work in the United States in order to be able to accept employment. A work permit not only authorizes a person to work, which is critical in a tough economy, but in many instances having a work permit makes a person eligible to obtain other important documentation such as a social security number and driver’s license. For example, getting a work permit in California gives a person the ability to obtain a California driver’s license. This is a very important privilege because a person may be arrested for driving without a license and, while in custody for that violation, could be detected by immigration authorities if not in legal status and become subject to removal proceedings.

The process of securing a work permit can be a confusing and frustrating one for people who are not familiar with the legal issues involved. Work permits require the orderly filing of a wide variety of paperwork in order to secure working rights. Missing or misfiled information can cause a major delay or even dismissal of working rights, which are often time sensitive matters. The legal language regarding these matters is often dense and difficult to understand itself, the process regarding proper filing can be extremely difficult, or even close to impossible, for immigrants who are trying to navigate the process alone. Adding to this difficulty is the extremely large queue of paperwork that the legal system processes on a continual basis.

People who are figuring out how to get a work permit in California should also beware of shady non-lawyer-based agencies or consultants that promise to get a work permit, as applying for a work permit when not eligible may lead to the initiation of removal proceedings. This is especially true in states like California that have large immigrant communities. For the legal system itself, the enormous flow of cases can mean lengthy delays and red tape. A skilled immigration attorney with experience in all aspects of a case is therefore an important asset in ensuring that important details are not lost in the shuffle and unexpected contingencies are dealt with appropriately. The experience, knowledge, and skill of the lawyer handling your proceedings can have a decisive impact on the result of your filing.

Not everyone will be eligible to receive a work permit but the best way to move forward with confidence is to employ the legal services of an honest immigration attorney who has experience helping people get their work permit in California. Here at the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada, our team of legal professionals brings to bear over 16 years of experience handling a diverse range of cases and clients. Our founder, Henry Posada, is an accomplished immigration lawyer who is highly sought-after for his assistance in obtaining a work permit in California.

How do I get a work permit in California?

Work Permit CAGetting a work permit in California can be a complicated and time-consuming process, but getting legal counsel can make an otherwise difficult process far more manageable. Henry Posada and his team of legal professionals are ready to help. The first step is to ensure that an individual is eligible for a work permit application. Unfortunately, not every non-citizen will always be eligible, but seeking legal assistance can make sure that the determination is correct. If eligibility can be established, the next step requires that individuals fill out the necessary government forms. An attorney like Henry Posada can ensure that the right forms are addressed and filled out correctly to ensure the best chance of acceptance.

All applicants will receive a Notice of Receipt, which will sometimes require further evidence of eligibility. Following that, applicants must go to a biometrics appointment at which time a picture, signature, and fingerprints will be collected. Once the details have all been handled and a decision has been made by immigration authorities, individuals will then receive their decision by mail. If approved, they will then receive a work permit.

To recap, here is how to get a work permit in CA:

  • ✓ Determine eligibility, with the help of an immigration attorney
  • ✓ Fill out US government forms
  • ✓ Receive a Notice of Receipt
  • ✓ Receive and attend a biometrics appointment
  • ✓ Receive a written decision by mail, and if approved, a work permit as well

The Law Offices of Henry A. Posada are ready to assist you with getting a work permit, which can lead to other crucial steps—like getting a social security number or driver’s license—in establishing oneself in the United States. When issues arise, we are here to work on our clients’ behalf to give them the best possible chance of being able to legally live and work in the United States.

It is very important to find an immigration attorney who has a reputation for a high standard of ethics, and for fighting passionately on behalf of his clients. Henry Posada has been serving immigrant communities for decades, and has garnered heaps of praise for his diligence and determination fighting for the rights of this nation’s most vulnerable and oft-exploited population. To Henry Posada, you are not just a case number; you are a person with hopes and dreams for yourself and for your family. He understands that getting a work permit represents the first essential step toward having a viable and long-lasting future in this country, and he will dedicate himself to getting a satisfactory result for you.

To get started, reach out to us today for a consultation by calling a phone number above or visiting our contact page.