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Post Conviction Relief (Criminal Record Cleaning) and Legal Opinions About Immigration Consequences to Criminal Defense Counsel

Everyone makes mistakes.  While a U.S. citizen may commit a Criminal Immigration Lawyer los Angeles-justice statue imagecrime, do the time, pay a debt to society, and then resolve to start a new life, the same is not true for immigrants. For foreign nationals, the immigration consequences that follow from a criminal conviction are usually a person’s worst nightmare and many times are a much harsher sanction than the punishment received for the underlying offense. 

With the toughening of the immigrations laws, the category of criminal offenses that may lead to removal from the U.S. or to the inability to obtain permanent residence or naturalization has broadened dramatically.

Our firm has expertise in addressing the immigration consequences of criminal offenses.  We offer expert advice to criminal defense counsel who are entertaining plea negotiations on behalf of immigrant clients, and represent immigrants with criminal convictions in securing post-conviction relief to avoid any number of immigration disabilities.

With our vast knowledge and experience in the subject of immigration consequences of criminal activity, we have planned and successfully carried out many a creative solution within the criminal justice system to divert the harsh immigration consequences of criminal activity, allowing people who have had a criminal matter to achieve their rehabilitation in a dignified manner without suffering the severe prejudices imposed by the immigration laws.

Post Conviction Relief