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A Deportation Lawyer In Los Angeles Who Can Help

If you need a deportation lawyer in Los Angeles, you are not alone. The United States Department of Homeland Security can initiate removal proceedings against immigrants for a number of reasons, ranging from something as simple as remaining on US soil after a visa has expired to criminal acts, which are defined to include illegal entry into the United States as well as the act of harboring undocumented immigrants which typically includes relatives and other loved ones. Our firm, the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada, will work aggressively on your behalf to ensure that all allegations are thoroughly examined and that your rights are being upheld as we work to terminate removal proceedings using every technique that the law affords to immigrants.

There are two phases to deportation proceedings. The first establishes whether an immigrant is eligible to be removed from the United States while the second phase explores whether there are sufficient grounds for that individual to receive relief that would allow them to legally remain in the country. Our firm is well versed in a variety of relief applications that can prove there is sufficient cause for said individual to remain in the United States, in addition to handling appeals and motions to reopen cases, even for those who have already received a final order of deportation and removal.

One especially notable example of this is post-conviction relief. People who have serious troubles with the law in the past may often assume there is no legal solution for someone in their predicament but California law can now help individuals to remain legally and openly in the United States through this powerful mechanism.

If you or someone you know is facing deportation or removal, or any matter involving immigration law in the United States, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the number on your screen or our contact page.