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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

A Deportation Attorney Can Fight for Your Rights

For an experienced and skilled deportation attorney, come to the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada. Mr. Posada and our entire legal team boast decades of experience representing immigrants attempting to preserve their right to reside within U.S. borders legally and permanently.

Deportation and removal proceedings can be intimidating and overwhelming for those being charged with residing in the United States without documentation. Hiring a deportation lawyer offers clients the absolute best chance of winning their case. We can:

  • • Navigate through the complexities of immigration law as they pertain to your case.
  • • Represent you in federal and appellate court.
  • • Advise your criminal attorney on how to mitigate legal penalties.
  • • File an appeal if your first deportation and removal proceedings rule unfavorably, as well as discuss other relief options if your final ruling is similar.

When Does Deportation or Removal Occur?

Individual circumstances play a major role in determining when someone in the United States is eligible for deportation and removal. Common examples include:

  • • Your temporary visa expires or is stripped (business, student, etc.)
  • • You entered the country illegally
  • • Your special protections expire (example: the conditions that led to your Temporary Protected Status ended)

A deportation attorney can evaluate your case and determine if there are grounds for acquiring or retaining your legal residence in the United States.

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