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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

The Path Home

For many of us, the place that we now call home is not necessarily the place where we started. In fact, if you go back several generations, most current U.S. citizens originally came from somewhere else. Yet, while there will always be room for immigrants in the United States, it surely seems as though now is the most difficult time to immigrate. Luckily, prospective immigrants can greatly increase their chances of succeeding in their immigration goals by enlisting the help of an experienced Los Angeles immigration lawyer like Henry A. Posada.

For over a decade, Mr. Posada has been fighting for the rights of immigrants and their families to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at living and staying in the place that they choose to call home. Whether someone needs advice and representation regarding an impending deportation, or if they want information and guidance when trying to move their business to the United States from overseas, Mr. Posada can fight for you.

Mr. Posada truly believes that every person should be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams. This also means that those with criminal records, who may have taken a misstep on their journey to citizenship or residency, are also deserving of a chance to pursue their ideal future. No human is illegal, yet without the proper legal representation, it can often seem like the immigration laws are stacked against you. With a call to Mr. Posada, that feeling can become a thing of the past. Si necisita la dirección de un abogado de inmigracion, debe llamar a Henry A. Posada.