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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

An Immigration Lawyer Los Angeles Residents Can Trust

For those of us who are immigrants or who have close relatives or friends whose residency status is uncertain, these can be nervous times -- even if we live in a relatively welcoming area like Los Angeles.  The fact of the matter is that local, state, and federal laws all have a powerful impact on an individual’s case and it takes a true legal expert to navigate their complexities. Henry A. Posada has become known as the immigration lawyer Los Angeles residents turn to because of his ability to wade through the cross-currents of law regarding the legal status of newcomers to the United States.

Mr. Posada has worked with the full range of issues faced by immigrants, and many individuals contact him when they need the help of an expert visa law office in Los Angeles. Indeed, as the rules around visas constantly change, and with some very well publicized differences based on which nation a person might be immigrating from, the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada have been able to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to helping our clients continue to reside in the U.S. and achieve their personal objectives. This may even apply to individuals who have had issues with the law in their past. Certain changes in the California penal code have actually improved an individual’s ability to obtain what is known as post-conviction relief, but it takes a highly skilled lawyer to deal with this extraordinarily complicated area of the law.

As a leading Los Angeles immigration attorney for many years, Henry A. Posada believes strongly that immigrants should have the ability to build new and better lives for themselves and their families. To find out what he and his legal team can do for you, please contact our offices today.