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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

An Immigration Lawyer Helps You Preserve Your Legal Rights

Immigration law is incredibly complex: trying to navigating the United States immigration system without the expert assistance of an experienced and skilled immigration lawyer could put your legal status in jeopardy.

The Law Offices of Henry A. Posada can provide the legal help you need to fight for your right to legally reside on American soil. Leading Los Angeles immigration attorney Henry Posada is available to help his clients through a variety of immigration-related matters and procedures, including obtaining student and business visas, citizenship, and fighting against deportation and removal proceedings.

What Can an LA Immigration Attorney Do for You?

Areas we cover include the following:

  • • Obtaining lawful permanent resident or naturalization (citizenship)
  • • Obtaining temporary visas or work permits
  • • Declaring eligibility for special immigration benefits
  • • Litigation in federal court
  • • Advising a criminal defense attorney in immigration matters

Above All: An Immigration Attorney Protects Your Rights

All people in the United States—citizen or not—are guaranteed certain rights. Hiring an immigration attorney is the best way to ensure that those rights are protected and enacted throughout the immigration process.

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No matter the need, if it relates to U.S. immigration law our firm can help. Mr. Posada has decades of experience in representing clients of all backgrounds. Call our office or visit our contact page today to learn more! Even if you or a loved one is in a difficult situation, the chance to live and work legally in the United States may be just a phone call away.