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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

An Immigration Attorney for Los Angeles Residents

If you are a newcomer to the United States concerned about immigration, or if you have close relatives who are recent immigrants, you know that the amount of work for an immigration attorney in Los Angeles has been rapidly on the increase. Here at the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada, Mr. Posada and the rest of our legal team are aware that life for U.S. immigrants has rarely been more challenging. At the same time, we want all immigrants and their families to understand that individuals in the United States have rights.

Whether a client is a relative newcomer or has already obtained lawful permanent resident status and is looking for an outstanding citizenship lawyer in Los Angeles, Mr. Posada and his team are typically able to provide useful legal representation and counsel that can move a case forward in a positive fashion. Even so, the many worrisome news stories that appear in the press may make individuals fear that they may never be able to come out of the shadows and obtain documentation. Especially for those who may have a criminal conviction in their past, the outlook can seem bleak. Mr. Posada notes, however, that recent changes to the California Penal Code have made it less difficult to employ post-conviction relief – a highly complex process that can enable individuals to remain in the country legally, despite these past legal problems.

If you or a loved one is in need of an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada is here to supply the kind of know-how and experience that individuals need to navigate today’s increasingly challenging and complex immigration landscape. To find out more, please call us at the phone numbers above or use our contact page