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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

A Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer With a Plan

Qualifying for immigration benefits can oftentimes be daunting without the help of an expert in the field. In addition, a detailed strategy is essential to successfully tackle the issue at hand. Los Angeles immigration lawyer Henry A. Posada is always ready to help individuals obtain immigration benefits so that they may continue to live and work in the United States under legal protection. As a skilled and experienced attorney, Mr. Posada is able to formulate the best course of action to successfully take on a variety of issues, including naturalization, citizenship, lawful permanent residence, and a great deal more.

Oftentimes, many immigrants think that there is no hope for protection or relief under the legal system, especially if they have a criminal record. However, many immigrants are unaware that they might possibly have options they have not considered. In these instances, Mr. Posada is an immigration attorney in Los Angeles who can successfully navigate through the many intricacies of the legal system in order to obtain the most desirable outcome for his clients. Mr. Posada’s knowledge and expertise have helped many immigrants with a wide variety of issues, such as defense against removal based on criminal history, post-conviction relief, as well as numerous related matters.

In times of stress and anxiety following an arrest, relying on a well-versed and highly knowledgeable attorney like Mr. Posada can provide a great deal of peace of mind, as well as desirable results. LA immigration lawyer Henry A. Posada and his team of legal experts can help you and your loved ones stay together.

If you are interested in obtaining expert legal counsel for yourself or a loved one facing deportation, you’re encouraged to contact the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada today.