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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

A Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer Who Works for You

Being an immigrant has always been a challenge, but it’s never been more uncertain than it is right now. With a rapidly evolving political landscape that can be, at times, both frightening and very confusing, it’s nevertheless important to realize that legal solutions exist, particularly here in the state of California. Leading Los Angeles immigration lawyer Henry A. Posada has devoted his life to helping people from around the world build better lives for themselves and their families by ensuring that they are able to continue living and working in the United States.

An immigration lawyer L.A. residents turn to when significant legal issues arise, Mr. Posada is able to provide counsel and litigation services that deal with all of the immense complexities of today’s immigration system. From helping clients obtain status as lawful permanent residents (Green Card holders) and then onto becoming naturalized U.S. citizens, to dealing with business immigration and threats of deportation, to post conviction relief for those who may be dealing with criminal records, he is here to be your advocate before the law.

There’s no doubt that these can be difficult times for immigrants in the United States, but the law remains a powerful force and the only means of continuing to remain a resident with safety and security.  If you are looking for a truly outstanding  immigration attorney in Los Angeles who knows how to employ the full scope of today’s legal system on behalf of his clients,  Henry A. Posada is here to do his best for you and your family.