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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

A Criminal and Immigration Lawyer on Your Side

Immigrants seeking a criminal and immigration lawyer will find that the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada offer a variety of immigration-specific attorney services. With his extensive background and experience, Mr. Posada has helped many criminal attorneys create defenses that take into account the immigration-related consequences of criminal convictions and/or sentences with consistently superior outcomes.

Consequences of a Criminal Sentence on Immigration Status

Obtaining the services of both a criminal defense and an immigration attorney is sometimes essential. While born or naturalized citizens cannot have their status stripped except under the most extraordinary circumstances, the same cannot be said for documented or undocumented non-citizens residing in the United States. Having a lawyer that intimately understands the ins and outs of immigration law as well as the repercussions of a criminal conviction and/or sentence on immigration status can be the difference between remaining on U.S. soil or deportation.

The consequences of a criminal conviction and/or sentence on immigration status generally range from having visas being prematurely ended or the revocation of lawful permanent resident status to immediate deportation. Even sentencing for minor offenses can result in removal in some unfortunate cases.

By having an immigration lawyer who assists in creating a criminal defense that is molded around protecting your immigration status, your chances of remaining on U.S. soil after serving out a sentence if you are found guilty are markedly better. Prior offenses can also very often be dealt with via California’s complex but potentially very helpful laws regarding what is called post-conviction relief.

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