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Certified Specialist Immigration and Nationality Law the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

Henry A. Posada Fights for Your Legal Rights

In today’s immigration landscape, the place that a person calls home may not be the place where the law is telling them they can work, study, or simply reside. These laws often risk splitting families apart, or lowering a whole family’s quality of life by uprooting them and sending them back to their home country. Luckily, for anyone needing legal guidance from a Los Angeles immigration attorney, Henry A. Posada is a strong advocate for individuals and families, and has the track record of success to prove it.

While there are a large number of unique situations that may require an immigration lawyer, these situations often share a common thread in that the subject of the immigration inquiry simply wants to stay in the place they call home. Mr. Posada is compassionate and empathetic to this desire, and uses all of the resources at his disposal to achieve a positive outcome. He has successfully represented clients pursuing permanent residence, citizenship, business immigration, defense against removal, and even cases where a client has a criminal record.

Mr. Posada firmly believes that every person deserves the right to pursue their interests and stay in the place they call home. An immigration decision can be one of the most impactful legal outcomes that a person will go through in their lifetime, so it is important that anyone with immigration concerns contact the advice of an immigration attorney as soon as possible. Si necisita la dirección de un abogado de inmigracion, debe llamara Henry A. Posada.