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san diego union trib "Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer Warns of Restrictive Immigration Policies to Come in Wake of Executive Orders, but Adds that Various Legal Remedies Remain in Force"
February 28, 2017

san diego union trib "LAPDs Ongoing Immigration Stance Underlines the Ongoing Needs of Todays Immigrants, says attorney Henry A. Posada"
December 08, 2016

san diego union trib "Expansion of the Provisional Waiver Process by the USCIS Can Help Keep Families Together, notes Attorney Henry Posada"
August 18, 2016

San Gabriel Valley "Goals and Aspirations of Young Immigrants Highlight the Enormous Contribution of Immigrants, Notes Attorney Henry Posada"
July 29, 2016

Media "New Federal Task Force Aims to Naturalize Immigrants, notes Attorney Henry Posada"
February 12, 2016

San Gabriel Valley "New Immigration Crackdowns Highlight Necessity of Effective Legal Representation, Notes Attorney Henry Posada"
February 09, 2016

alt "Recent Bill Signed by Governor Brown Helps Protect Immigrants Who are Victims of Crimes, Notes Henry Posada"
Oct 22, 2015

alt "Article on Changes to Border Detention Policy Highlights Progress Toward Proper Legal Rights for Immigrants, Says Immigration Lawyer Henry A. Posada"
July 9, 2015

alt "Executive Immigration Action Sends Mixed Message to Immigrants "
Dec. 9, 2014

alt "President's Pledge to Expand Immigration Benefits may Present Challenges for Lawyers"
Nov. 14, 2014

alt "Trust Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer Henry A. Posada to Demystify the DACA Renewal Process"
July 3, 2014

boston globe "When the Government Fails, Henry A. Posada Provides Necessary Legal Support for Immigrants"
June 06, 2014

boston globe "Obstacles to Immigration Reform Reinforce the Importance of the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada"
Mar. 18, 2014

boston globe "Immigrants Find an Invaluable Resource in Attorney Henry A. Posada"
Jan 8, 2014

boston globe "Immigration Reform is Still a Work in Progress, but Henry A. Posada Supports Immigrant Families Now"
September 26, 2013

ad-hoc-news1 "LOS ANGELES, JULY 11, 2013 /PRNEWSWIRE/ -- HENRY A. "
July 11, 2013

hposadalaw "Despite Recent Setbacks, Immigration Attorney Henry A. Posada is Optimistic Immigration Reform is on the Horizon"
April 10, 2013

pasedena-star-news "New Regulations Will Keep Immigrant Families Together, but Serious Legal Help is Still Needed, says Immigration Attorney Henry A. Posada"
Jan 4, 2013

wsbnn "Attorney Henry Posada Urges Immigrants, Especially Those Under 30, to Pay Close Attention to Nationwide Debate"
Oct 29, 2012

Houston Business Journal "White House Curtails Deportation of Young Undocumented Immigrants Brought to U.S. as Children"
June 27, 2012

Immigration-Attorney-Los-Angeles "Immigration Attorney Highlights Changes to Enforcement and Processing"
March 30, 2012

Immigration-Lawyer-Los-Angeles "How to Find an Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles Who Will Fight for Your Rights"
Dec. 16, 2011